IT Strategy Consulting

IT strategy consulting (or Information Technology Consulting or Technology strategy consulting) is providing hand-holding, coaching and providing assistance in actual implementation of a well-defined and appropriately tailored overall plan which consist of objective(s), principles and tactics relating to optimise the use of the technologies within a particular organization.

Such strategies primarily focus on the technologies themselves and in some cases the people who directly manage those technologies. The strategy can be implied from the organization's behaviours towards technology decisions, and may be written down in a document.

In this exercise we work on improving the efficiency of the company's spending on technology; how people, for example the organization's customers and employees, exploit technologies in ways that create value for the organization; on the full integration of technology-related decisions with the company's strategies and operating plans, such that no separate technology strategy exists other than the de facto strategic principle that the organization does not need or have a discrete 'technology strategy'.

This consulting can further be divided into following five areas:

  • Researching & suggesting Effective strategy tailored to suit a particular need of the client organization.
  • Ensuring Business–technology alignment
  • Meta-model of (IT) technology strategy
  • Conceptualise and define Framework of (IT) technology strategy
  • Defining Typical structure of a (IT) technology strategy

Please write to us and will revert back to you for exploring right approach for your organization.