Any Software for Hotel Management should contain modules for:



Restaurant Services

Telephone Call Billing System

Laundry Service

House Keeping Follow Up



Travel Desk

Ability to add any custom designed service

Banquet/Conference Billing

A strong Security System with

Passwords of different levels

Financial Accounting

Analytical Reports

Sales Reports

Statutory Reports

Financial Reports

Key Card Integration (New)

PDA Mobile Device for KOT Order


SMS/Email Interface

Internet Wi-Fi Usage - Billing

All the above-mentioned features are very elaborately developed and presented in our software with some add-on features like given below. All our clients are appreciating the performance of our software and enjoy the work with it.

  • The performance and features can be configured in accordance with the way your hotel works.
  • The operational authority can be controlled with the powerful password system.
  • The access log system provided enables to track any change or modification (exceptional transactions) done by any authorized person, on any particular date or computer or activity or guest.

Reservation System

  • Excellent reservation system with (optional) room blocking.
  • Instant information on the availability of rooms for any given period.
  • Pick-up Reminders - The pick-up instructions are popped up 1.30 hours before the pickup time enabling the receptionist to
  • arrange for the vehicle for pick-up.

Restaurant, Laundry Billing:

  • The package food to guests can easily be tracked up at the time of restaurant billing.
  • The service bills like restaurant, laundry etc. can be either shown along with the Main Bill or made separately so as to
  • enable the corporate clients to make the payment separately for rent and other services.
  • Extensive Reports – on sale tax, item-wise time wise group-wise, period-wise.

We can also provide web-based online reservation system.