NaysarGeek, Established in June 2008, is a new era, new age, dynamic organization - free from overheads of traditional concept of the organization. This means it has all the capabilities to wrap up necessary teams when the client requires it and at the same time the organization stays 'lean and mean'. This kind of business model combines the flexibility and agility of a specialized group as well as the structure of an established organization. As a result, clients gets best of the both worlds - personalized attention of an individual consultant and assurance of an established organization. NaysarGeek deliver value to the clients by offering them customized solution with personal attention and customer satisfaction for a long-term relationship.

Meaning of NaysarGeek

NaysarGeek, in almost all Indic languages, means "Natural". The word “Naysargeek” seems to have been derived from the Sanskrit word “Nisarg” which literary means mother nature. "Geek" is the term from the English language where it is used to refer to the people who are technology oriented, technologically advanced and skilful.

By combining these two words from two different languages, we have coined a word “NaysarGeek” to mean and refer to us as ― the people who are, by their nature, technology oriented, technically advanced & skilful.